MacBook Pro MD101LL/A VS MacBook Air MD231LL/A: Which One Meets Your Needs?

At this time, there are two of the best lowest price new Mac’s Laptop i.e. MacBook Pro MD101LL/A, and MacBook Air MD231LL/A. Both of them are great choices when you want to have a solid built and a lightweight Mac’s laptop. However, each one has their advantages and their own drawbacks. Consider these options when picking between the two.

Get the MacBook Pro MD101LL/A – If you need more disk space, at a lower price Mac’s laptop. This MacBook Pro has a larger hard drive at 500 GB storage and has an optical drive compared to the MacBook Air MD231LL/A which only has 128 GB and does not have an optical drive. The MacBook Pro is perfect if you want to carry more content. In addition, the MacBook Pro is slighly cheaper than MacBook Air. The MacBook Pro cost around $1,099.99, which the MacBook Air can cost about several tens of dollars more. Finally, the MacBook Pro comes with better Core® i5 CPU processing power.

Get the MacBook Air MD231LL/A – If you want a lightweight and very portable Mac’s laptop. This MacBook Air weights around 2.96 pounds; it is only half of the Macbook Pro’s weight. In addition, the MacBook Air has a sleeker design so it is easier to take with you on trips. Finally, because there are no optical drives, maybe you should purchase external optical drive and it can cost around $100.00 extra. Another ways, you can connect wirelessly the Macbook Air with a nearby computer that has an optical drive.

Both this Mac laptops are great premium choices with stylish and solid design. However, you need to consider your needs such as disk space and portability when deciding to purchase between two of this MacBook models.

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