Windows 10 Pro vs Enterprise – What Are The Pros And Cons Of Each

Businesses often use technology in order to connect employees, and this technology is based on operating systems.

Many operating system exist for different purposes, but generally businesses need operating systems geared towards computers, both laptops and desktops. Additionally, many businesses are making use of the functionality of smart phones and tablets, which makes an operating system that supports touchscreens all the more important.

The company Microsoft sells two operating systems geared towards businesses, specifically Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise. In this article, we compare these two operating systems, noting the pros and cons of each in the process. Finally, we offer our thoughts on which operating system might be ideal for you.

An Overview of Windows 10 Pro

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  • Windows 10 gives you the best experience for starting fast and getting things done
  • Windows Hello is the password-free sign-in that gives you the fastest, most secure way to unlock your Windows devices
  • Windows 10 delivers comprehensive protection – including antivirus, firewall, internet protections, and more

The Windows 10 Pro operating system costs $$$ and is designed mainly for professionals or businesses.

Windows 10 Pro is very similar to the basic operating system that Microsoft offers, called Windows 10 Home. The main difference is that Windows 10 Pro offers greater security measures and certain features geared towards businesses, like remote desktop login.

Windows 10 Pro supports essentially any cutting-edge technology on the market. This means the latest resolution on HD displays, touch screen technology, immersive gaming experiences, digital personal assistants, virtual reality, and web browsing.

Windows 10 Enterprise is very similar to Windows 10 Pro but offers some distinct features that are worth noting.

First of all, Windows 10 Enterprise is a license-based operating system that businesses must purchase in separate installments. Businesses can purchase one installment of Windows 10 Enterprise for $$ per user per year. This cost goes down as the company purchases more licenses.

The main difference between these operating systems is that Windows 10 Enterprise offers administrators and IT leaders more control over the operating the system. This translates to better network security as well as a more immersive experience for users.

Windows To Go Creator – Windows 10 Pro Vs Enterprise

When examining Windows 10 Pro vs Enterprise, one of the distinguishing factors is Windows to Go Creator, which is only available in Windows 10 Enterprise.

This feature allows users to run Windows 10 in a Windows to Go workspace on any foreign computer that can run Windows 7 or later. Windows to Go allows users to run Windows 10 even if the computer they are using does not natively run this operating system.

This is a significant feature as it supports the efficient use of company resources, allowing employees to be productive even from remote locations. Of course, the Windows 10 that is run in the Windows to Go workspace is not identical to the Windows 10 that is run on home computers. Instead, certain features are missing, and a list of these can be found here.

While Windows 10 Pro offers some features, like remote desktop login, that make it easier for employees to be productive elsewhere, the Windows to Go feature on Windows 10 Enterprise is a more extensive version of this ability that makes access to content more seamless. Users can achieve this access via a USB drive, which is extremely easy to use.

What’s also great about the Windows to Go feature is that it allows administrators to customize how employees remotely access their work stations. This is a common theme within Windows 10 Enterprise, as this operating system offers businesses more control over the technology their employees are using.

This statement is key and should be all you need to know before purchasing the Windows 10 Enterprise operating system. Essentially, running a business is all about control, more specifically controlling the vision of the business and ensuring these values are reflected in every action the business takes.

Yet, this can be difficult when the leaders of the business don’t have full control over the technology their employees are using. By purchasing Windows 10 Enterprise, businesses can guarantee that they have the most customizable operating system available.

BranchCache – Windows 10 Pro Vs Enterprise

When examining Windows 10 Pro Vs Enterprise, it’s important to consider the wireless speeds that these operating systems facilitate.

This is especially important for businesses that use a wide area network (WAN) connection. Businesses that use this type of connection are typically spread out over a large distance, which can cause slow speeds when users access data and applications.

Essentially, BranchCache allows employees at remote locations to access content locally instead of over the WAN. This content is either stored on the user’s computer or on local servers that are created precisely for that purpose. Overall, this helps prevent slow speeds as well as high costs related to data transfer.

BranchCache is a feature that is only available to Windows 10 Enterprise users, not Windows 10 Pro users. If your business does not use a WAN connection, then Windows 10 Enterprise might not be ideal for you. If you use a WAN connection but have experienced no drawbacks related to network speed and content query response times, then Windows 10 Enterprise still might not be ideal for you. In these cases, you might be better off with Windows 10 Pro.

It’s important to note that both Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise support fast connection speeds on all devices. The Windows 10 operating system is one of the most efficient systems available. This is only compromised over large distances when content must travel from a main office to a branch office. In these cases, the BranchCache feature on Windows 10 Enterprise prevents businesses from experiencing slower network speeds and thus lowered productivity.

Security – Windows 10 Pro Vs Enterprise

Windows 10 Pro offers businesses a number of ways to manage and secure their servers in order to prevent viruses, malware, and stolen data. Windows 10 Enterprise, however, takes this to a new level, offering businesses many security applications that Windows 10 Pro does not offer, like Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP).

These expanded security features make Windows 10 Enterprise one of the safest operating system to use for your business. If you are concerned about data breaches and other cyber threats, then Windows 10 Enterprise might be ideal for you.

Many business owners claim that the additional security features offered by Windows 10 Enterprise are most beneficial for larger companies. If you run a smaller company, you might be better off starting with Windows 10 Pro and then upgrading to Windows 10 Enterprise if you realize greater security measures are necessary.

What’s great about many of these security applications is that they focus on preventative care rather than removal of threats. In this sense, you can be assured that your network will not only be cleaned and refreshed once you deploy these tools but will continue to be this way indefinitely. This is an important distinction, as many advanced security measures are effective at removing threats but are not able to stay diligent enough to prevent them.

Since Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection provides pre-breach protection, business owners don’t have to constantly worry about the next attack and the losses that could result. Instead, they can just appropriate these tasks to their operating system and the IT manager that oversees it. Many IT managers will appreciate the nuanced protection that Windows 10 Enterprise offers, empowering them to do a better job at securing and maintaining the business’ wireless system.

What’s unique about these security features is that they are so efficiently run. Many IT managers claim that data is provided within seconds, which allows defenses to be erected if needed. While this might all sound insignificant in abstraction, security is one of the most important subjects for any business. Ultimately, you want to preserve the information at the core of what you are selling, otherwise, the success of your business could be impacted.

DirectAccess – Windows 10 Pro Vs Enterprise

As mentioned above, when examining Windows 10 Pro vs Enterprise, the ability to connect to your company’s resources when you are away from the company is an important factor to consider. Both operating systems facilitate this, but in different ways.

Windows 10 Pro offers employees limited access to remote desktops, while Windows 10 Enterprise offers features like Windows to Go. Additionally, Windows 10 Enterprise offers DirectAccess, which provides remote connectivity to employees without the use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections.

VPN connections can be complicated to set up and maintain over the years according to some IT managers. DirectAccess, on the other hand, is considered an easier system to maintain over a long period of time. This reduces your IT Manager’s stress and makes it easier for them to control the applications used during remote connectivity.

DirectAccess is another example of how Windows 10 Enterprise offers businesses more control over their networks. DirectAccess is a more fluid, simple system that will make your business more productive in the long term.

AppLocker – Windows 10 Pro Vs Enterprise

When comparing Windows 10 Pro vs Enterprise, AppLocker is a feature that only the latter offers.

This allows your business more control over which applications can be run using the business’ wireless connection.

This feature is mainly related to security, as many businesses want to control what information customers and employees have access to through applications. While Windows 10 Pro offers businesses many ways to control this, only Windows 10 Enterprise offers the AppLocker feature.

AppLocker allows businesses to create a list of approved files and applications that can be opened and run. This is ideal for businesses that no longer support certain applications and want to prevent their employees from accessing these applications. This is a common occurrence when applications are updated, as many companies want to prevent their employees from using older versions of the application.

Additionally, AppLocker would be ideal for any business that is related to childcare. Many businesses offer services related to taking care of children, and in order to achieve this, these businesses integrate technology into their care. Yet, leaving a child alone with a piece of technology can be dangerous, especially if your business has sensitive data that it’s trying to protect.

Consequently, many businesses that deal with children would benefit from getting Windows 10 Enterprise over Windows 10 Pro, as the former allows businesses more control over implementing their security policies.

Cutting-Edge Functionality – Windows 10 Pro Vs Enterprise

One of the most prominent features of Windows 10 Pro and Window 10 Enterprise is their compatibility with cutting-edge technology.

Even though these operating systems are designed for businesses, they still retain all the features of Windows 10 Home. This means that employees using this operating system can benefit from stunning screen resolutions, advanced log-in capabilities, and an immersive experience more generally.

Many businesses choose to go with a Windows operating system not only to ramp up their security and IT management but also to support bonding between employees. Many businesses facilitate this by buying all kinds of entertaining technology for the office and allowing employees to indulge them whenever they see fit.

This is a new approach to productivity that focuses on taking breaks and reducing stress. Many employees like to play a video game over lunch or stream their favorite television show between meetings, for example.

These uses of technology can be hugely beneficial but must also be supported by an advanced operating system that guarantees an exciting, immersive experience. If an employee’s experience is bland and unstimulating, then he will likely return back to work discouraged. This could result in lowered productivity.

Cutting-edge technology is also important to integrate into your business during work hours. Employees that work on a touchscreen, for example, might be more efficient in getting their work done. This technology must be supported by an advanced operating system like Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise.

Cortana and Other Features – Windows 10 Pro Vs Enterprise

When considering Windows 10 Pro vs Enterprise, both operating systems have a seemingly counterintuitive drawback related to their many features.

In particular, many customers have claimed that these operating systems focus so much on adding features that they forget about how important minimization is too. For some users, all of the features available can be overwhelming, making it difficult to ever use any of the features. This can result in lowered productivity as users not only try to determine which features are relevant but how to even use these features.

Cortana is one of these features. This is a digital assistant that functions much like Siri from Apple’s operating system. While Microsoft advertises that Cortana can assist you with many projects and commands, many customers claim that Cortana causes more problems than she solves.

While it’s definitely a cool feature to be able to interact with artificial intelligence, this technology has not been finetuned enough to result in noticeably greater efficiency.

In this sense, the advanced nature of these operating system might actually detract from businesses that have older, less technologically savvy employees. These employees might struggle with mastering these operating systems even though they are a continuation of many years of Windows operating systems. The operating systems themselves are often easy to use, but they are sometimes paired with hardware that has been designed poorly. In these situations, the hardware brings down the software and causes inefficiencies all around.

Our main point here is that Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise are only beneficial when integrated into efficient hardware. As such, if your business is considering Windows 10 Pro vs Enterprise, make sure you take into account the technical skills of your employees and whether they will actually use many of the features that these operating systems provide.

Our Final Thoughts on Windows 10 Pro vs Enterprise

We think Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise are two of the most popular operating systems available for businesses.

We think Windows 10 Enterprise is better for larger businesses with greater security needs. Mainly, we think Windows 10 Enterprise will make the IT team associated with your business much happier, as this operating system allows for more nuanced control over your businesses’ servers.

Employees from large businesses often move around lots of data, and this can slow the entire server as well also put the business at risk for certain breaches. By going with Windows 10 Enterprise, these businesses can help maintain their network speeds as well as provide better security measures.

Furthermore, we think Windows 10 Enterprise will allow your employees to be more productive away from the office, which could result in greater profit in the long term.

If your business is still small and growing, we recommend going with Windows 10 Pro first in order to save money. If you eventually realize that Windows 10 Enterprise might be more worthwhile, than you can always update later on.

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