Tips: What Should You Do With An Old Computers?

If at this time, you decide to buy a new computer either desktop or laptop, but you confused and wondering what you can do with your old computers. Is the computer that already was three or four years it really was not worthwhile? Not at all!. Here are some ways you can do to utilize your old computer.

How if keep it to be utilized? Your old computer may not match the high-speed graphics and very slow if used multitasking. But if the CPU components is a Pentium 3 or better, you can still use for word processing, surfing the web, making it as hotspot or virtual router and other simple computing tasks.

However, if your old computer is too slow, try to add more RAM (although the price is not as cheap as the latest type of RAM). It is quite effective to boost performance, especially if you have an old computer with less RAM.

Make a donation?

You can donate to charities and schools that received computers, they usually use it for the purposes of research and science education. If you plan to do this, here are some tips for donating your old computer:

  • Make sure your old computer deserves to be donated.
    All systems with Pentium processor or better are usually suitable for donation. However, ask first to see if there are any restrictions or regulations. Do not forget to ask about procedures such as delivery, collection and so on.
  • Pack all peripheral devices with your old computer that will contribute, such as manual book, drivers disc, keyboard, mouse and so on. The entire system is easier to process and far more useful than some of them.
  • Clean the outside of the PC is much appreciated kindness. Similarly, remove all personal files. If you reformat, make sure to reinstall the operating system. If not, the recipient may have to pay again for a new license.
  • This is the most important. To avoid unwanted problems occur in the future, make a handover letter with the parties that receive donations. Make sure the inside there are complete data, the date of handover, serial number or part number and model computer, part number and model the all-peripheral devices that you donate, and the other important information.


If no one else wants your old computer, do not be thrown away. Computers can contain small amounts of toxic tin, mercury and cadmium. Be generous with yourself and all living things on this planet. Bring your old computer equipment to a recycling facility (certified recyclers). Recycling old devices may require a small fee, but when you consider the environmental damage that could have prevented, certainly good enough to be appreciated. Before you turned an old computer to a recycling place, it is better if you check the components are easily removable which can be utilized.

Those are the easiest to do. Of course, there are many ways to utilize your old computer, just take your time to do a little research on the internet. You will find so many tips for utilizing the old computers with varying difficulty levels.

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