Review Dell Inspiron 15 i15RV-6144BLK Laptop

Reveal What’s Behind This Gadget Through Review Dell Inspiron 15 i15RV-6144BLK Laptop

The existence of PC tablet gradually replaces the needs of buying notebook. People are more interesting to something which is smaller and more portable to be brought, but how if the notebook also offers the ability that PC tablet offers?

Professional Cover Design

Nobody can resist from the simplicity in big power ability, just like what will be discussed in this review Dell Inspiron 15 i15RV-6144BLK Laptop. This Dell Inspiron 15 i15RV-6144BLK Laptop is covered with high quality glossy plastic in black finishing color in the whole body. It makes the notebook looks very business item. Even though all parts look the same, but actually it is covered in different kinds of plastic. The part of the back screen and top side panels are covered with soft plastic material that emphasizes the premium look of the notebook. Meanwhile, the bottom part of the notebook is covered with hard plastic. The good thing is, even though it is scratched, it is invisible because it looks the same. However, if you want to fix it, you will be hard to detect the scratch. The appearance of this notebook is suitable for everyone who likes simple look on a gadget.
It becomes more stylish when you find out that this notebook is very thin. Its width is only 1 inch with 5 pounds in its weight. For a notebook with 15 inches of screen, it is considered as the slim one which will be easy to be brought anywhere.

Key Specifications Dell Inspiron 15 i15RV-6144BLK

  • OS: Windows 8 Home
  • Display: 15.6 inch 1366 x 768 pixels Touch screen with Truelife
  • Processor: Intel® 1.9 GHz Core™ i3-3227U 3 MB cache
  • Memory: 4 GB DDR3L 1600 MHz
  • Storage: 500 GB SATA 5400 RPM
  • Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics 4000
  • Optical Drive: 8X CD / DVD Burner (Dual Layer DVD±R Drive)
  • Audio: Waves Maxx Audio 4.0
  • Color: Black Matte with Textured Finish
  • Price Range: $495 – $550

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Powerful Internal Parts

You may see it as a slim and small notebook, but never underestimate what are planted inside. It brings out the Windows 8 operation system that is supported with a processor 1.9 Ghz Core i3 32227 IU and RAM 4GB DDR 3. Those combinations will provide fast and effective operation system in, either office task of application launching mode. Total, the speed of the memory in this Dell Inspiron 15 i15RV-6144BLK Laptop can reach up to 1600 MHz. Even though we can find many notebook with higher processor in the market, but this one is not bad as well. For doing office tasks, it is fast, even for rendering small video you can do it without any slow down time, so do the internet needs such as browsing, chatting, sending email and so on. You can type your task through keyboard or do it directly to the screen.
The content can be upgraded easily even the system as well because the SATA drive can be replaced by SSD in easy way. The SO-DIMM is very accessible in every way, so you can modify it as you pleased.


Entertainment Best Offer

Besides finishing office jobs easily and fast, this Dell Inspiron 15 i15RV-6144BLK Laptop also offers the experience of entertainment in wide range of choice. We start from the game mode first. If you are bored while you are on the go, you can play many games in this small portable gadget. Don’t worry that you will make it running slow because it has Intel HD Graphic 4000 with 500 GB of hard drive and 500 rpm. Those things can load your heavy games and 3D in HD picture quality and fast speed. It may reduce the use of the battery. For faming, it can last up to 3 hours only, but for playing video or finishing office task, it can load the data up to 4 and 5 hours. The 15 inch HD screen with Truelife touch screen can provide 1366×768 pixel quality.
For playing the video and music, it offers many alternative ways such as from internal storage, from DVD partition, which is 8x CD/DVD burner, or external devices. It can be connected with other devices, such as television, through HDMI and 4 USB jacks.

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