Best Razer Blade Laptops & Computer Equipment For 2018

2018 is a great time to be a tech fan – or even a laptop shopper looking for a great deal.

There are plenty of high-end brands that combine technical insight with a penchant for listening to consumer feedback. The result is a line of reliable machines, the biggest question about them being which is superior.

It can be a tough decision, as quality computer makers understand the importance of sticking to a good thing. It’s their adherence to the right formula combined with a choice to add the right upgrades in that makes choosing so hard.

Razer Blade laptops are this type of brand despite having a limited number of designs. The creation team behind them has released models for all types of needs. From graphics-hungry gamers to creative artists to savvy businesspeople, every type of user can find something in Razer Blade’s lineup. Whether a user values sleek looks, light weight, or both, there is usually a great choice for them.

Here we’ll rank the best Razer Blade laptops and computer equipment for 2018. In addition to examining each of the laptops in Razer’s limited and exclusive line, we’ll examine the equipment inside of them and compile the best specs to look for in a buyer’s guide at the end.

Don’t forget about the equipment – we’ll be looking at the extras Razer Blade offers including power cables, networking equipment, and more.

How We Choose Our Ratings

What goes into a good Razer Blade laptop? There are a few things any buyer looks for. Even if they aren’t familiar with the best specs in each class, they want certain qualities in a computer. These include sleek looks, user-friendly design, and enough computing power to last for years to come.

We choose our ratings based on a number of factors, including what buyers look for and how owners feel about the computers. We’ll take into account Razer Blade’s design style and look at what each of their main models offer, not counting different variants with small changes (hard drive size upgrades, etc.).  

In addition to examining the specs and equipment, we’ll consider the appearance of these laptops and whether their design is based toward on certain market. In that respect, an ultraportable laptop could be rated next to a gaming laptop – while two different classes, each offer a certain amount of value to anyone browsing Razer Blade’s inventory.

Finally, we’ll look at the feedback laptops have gotten from the community. User reviews, publisher awards, sales records – all of it plays a part in determining which Razer Blade laptops rank on our list.

We’ll take this same approach to Razer Blade’s various equipment offerings. Depending on how valuable they are for the price and how much they can add to your setup, they’ll earn a spot here.

What Are the Best Razer Blade Laptops?

As the name suggests, the Blade Stealth is built for discreet use. Want to move around a powerful laptop that won’t use up a lot of space? The gorgeous 13.3” display is big enough to show you every pixel on the 3200 x 1800 touchscreen display. Big things come in small packages – and that’s one of the most apparent facts of this computer’s design.

But for such a small laptop, it doesn’t lack in features. With an eight-generation Intel Core i7-8550U processor, it has enough computing power for most peoples’ standard operations and then some. Four cores with hyperthreading and Intel’s newest architecture mean multitasking and keeping multiple tabs running is no problem. The 16GB of RAM help with this as well, giving enough responsiveness for everything outside of high-end video rendering and the like.

But the Stealth can do a bit of that, too. It’s built for creativity in a sense thanks to the touchscreen interface. It comes complete with onboard UHD 620 Graphics from Intel and of course the beautiful backlit keyboard – with countless programmable color options thanks to Razer’s Chroma design.

Our Rating: 5/5

It’s a solid entry into Razer’s lineup, and this means it excels in terms of spec and in terms of being a great computer for its class. Named the best ultraportable laptop of 2017, it’s gotten a lot of attention in a short time. And despite being an expensive model for its class and listing at around $1200, the specs and user feedback it’s gotten more than demonstrate its worth.

Aptly named the Razer Blade, this is the newest model in Razer’s line up. This model aims to be a middle-of-the-line powerhouse that is geared toward gaming. But it doesn’t mean you can expect a clunky product just because it isn’t the Stealth – it’s still only .66” thin! It also comes with a 15.6” edge-to-edge display with a 144Hz refresh rate. That means great-looking games or great-looking anything depending on what you prefer.

This laptop is capable of a lot. With an eight-generation Intel Core i7-8750H, it offers six cores and twelve with hyperthreading. Each runs at a base speed of 2.2GHz, and you can push them to 4.1GHz with turbo. It has 9MB of Cache and Intel’s HM370 Chipset. There’s also 16GB of DDR4 RAM, expandable to 32 to satisfy any need.

As for the graphics, it comes with a powerful NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060GB with 6GB of dedicated GDDR VRAM. This one also has Razer Chroma backlighting in the keyboard, meaning it can look as enticing as the HD gaming graphics on the screen.

Our Rating: 4/5

This is a solid new entry to Razer’s growing lineup, and a great choice for all types of gamers. It’s over $2000 which makes it one of the higher-end models as far as the price goes. Luckily, it has the features and sleek design necessary to warrant such a tag. Some models may offer a higher-quality GPU, but this is one of the hotter new gaming laptops on the market.

This one even has pro in its name, so it’s a direct indicator of how much stock the company put into the model. It’s another gaming laptop, and one that’s received awards and commendations for both its high-performance capabilities and its slim design.

While light, it comes with a massive 17.3” display which supports up to 4K resolution. It’s VR ready, and brings an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, meaning you can play the latest games on the best settings while still enjoying a smooth framerate.

The design is well-rounded throughout, offering an Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU. Enjoy quad-core performance and hyperthreading, with speeds up to 3.8GHz possible in Turbo mode. Combine that with 16GB of RAM and a 256GB PCIe SSD, and you have a machine capable of nearly anything – and one that will excel in gaming performance.

Our Rating: 4/5

It comes out ahead not just because of its features but because of its reasonable price, going for around $1800 on most sites. It’s solid in all areas, slim, stylish, and most importantly, it’s built to offer gamers the best performance for the cash.

While Razer Blade’s line of laptops may be limited at the moment, they’re expanding all the time. They also favor portability and have certain trademark technologies throughout – like the Razer Chroma color options. What should buyers look for when they’re shopping for Razer laptops, or comparing them to other models?

Buyer’s Guide for Razer Laptops: Compare Based on Product Class

There are a lot of things to remember when shopping for a laptop. One of these is to always compare products of the same class. It is possible to rate on features alone, but you won’t get an accurate representation of value unless you look at a computer besides those it’s similar to.

When you’re looking for a Razer laptop, it’s important to measure them by the standards and prices of other computers aimed at slim design. They should also have a similar approach to graphics – favoring 4K graphical capabilities despite the light weight. Portable doesn’t have to limited, especially when it comes to the display.

There are a few important parts to consider if you’re looking for high-end gaming or just solid performance in general. This include:

  • Intel Core i7 Processor: With four cores and hyperthreading, any user can enjoy smooth performance without fear of lag. Make sure the models have the eight-generation architecture if that’s what you’re looking for. Older Razer Blade laptops could have the seventh generation.
  • 16 GB of RAM: While 8 can be passable in some cases, 16 is good for those who want to use their laptops for high-end graphical tasks that are very demanding. More memory means less stress on the machine, which can help it run smoother and stay cooler.
  • Dedicated Graphics (for gaming): This one only counts if you’re looking for a computer to game on. If so, look for models with the NVIDIA 1060 or some card around that lineup. It provides plenty of power and is a staple in many gaming builds.

But what about beyond Razer Blade’s small selection of laptops? They have plenty of gear, each piece being able to improve a person’s setup in some way. We’ll take a look at some of the main categories of equipment and talk about who they could potentially help.

Top Options for Razer Blade Computer Gear

Here are some of the tools you can use to improve your setup, and get more out of your computing experience with Razer Blade.

Razer Chroma is such a phenomenon among its users that they may desire to get the same effect even beyond their computer. These LED strips attack easily to most surfaces, and give users the same type of programmable color options they love in their Razer backlit keyboards.

Enjoy a vibrant display of colors, synchronizing the strips to create a smooth transition effect, a central theme, or a combination. Put the strips inside a computer tower, on the side of a table, around the base of the floor, or anywhere else – these color strips can help improve the look of a rig or the room it’s in.

This is built for only the stealth, making it a model-specific piece of equipment. Still, that doesn’t mean it isn’t something an owner should consider. Being able to elevate a computer can be comfortable for your viewing experience or even for casual use.

Given the Stealth is already a compact model by design, a little boost can be helpful. The aluminum construction is sturdy, and a dedicated cable management slot lets you charge your computer without bending up the cable.

While some people find their internet connection is sufficient for networking and gaming, others find it to be sluggish. Other people crowding up the connection can lead to lagging and stuttering. With the Portal Wi-Fi router, anyone can increase the strength of their connection.

It’s important to remember the purpose of this device is to help create a stronger connection between your device and the relevant network – meaning it enhances the connection between your existing laptop and internet switch, effectively bridging a gap.

It’s a convenient solution for anyone who has ever had a problem with their laptop’s battery life. Using your Razer Blade laptop could be an all-day affair, so having a power bank on hand can make things much simpler.

Simply connect to the unit and enjoy the 12,800mAH capacity battery. Great for traveling or long days in the field creating content, this is an accessory anyone can make use of.

Buyer’s Guide for Razer Blade Computer Equipment

Razer Blade offers some of the best computer equipment out there and helps you ensure you get the most out of your computing experience. There are variants of some of their products, such as power cables, but the buyer’s guide for gear like this is largely subjective. It’s about what you need for your setup.

One thing to check for is packaged deals – sometimes Razer will bundle computers with equipment. If you can get your preferred laptop with a nice accessory or two, it’s an even better buy!

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