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How To Take A Screenshot On Windows – Computer Tips And Tricks

How To Take A Screenshot On Windows
How To Take A Screenshot On Windows – Computer Tips And Tricks

Windows is one of the most popular operating systems in the world, if not the most popular. Their platform is built for convenience and compatibility, but sometimes the smallest tasks can be the trickiest.

While technology has made everything from communication to shopping easier, it’s also presented some puzzling dilemmas for users. For example, think about the act of taking a picture. Not taking it with a computer’s camera, but getting a shot of the screen itself.

If it were something in real life you’d just point, click, and be done. But when it’s on a display, it’s a little different. Going about it the old-fashioned way can leave the result looking like a pixelated, discolored mess.

Luckily there are ways to get around that. The creators behind Windows and other operating systems know how useful it is to be able to capture what’s on the screen at any given moment. That’s why they implemented the screenshot feature. But knowing how to take a screenshot on Windows can fall into that category of – simple and small, but tricky for first timers.

Here we’ll take a look at how to take a screenshot on Windows, ways in which it can be useful, and even offer a brief troubleshooting guide for if the shot doesn’t turn out properly.

Examining 7 Simple Ways On How To Take A Screenshot On Windows

Taking a screenshot can be tricky for one simple reason – you may have heard multiple methods and only got bits and pieces of the explanation. This makes it easy to confuse them, and can leave you with no clear answer.

Luckily, there are multiple ways to take a screenshot on Windows. For the purpose of this guide, we’ll be looking at methods on Windows 10, though many other forms of the OS and even systems from other companies can use similar solutions.

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Windows Snipping Tool

how to take a screenshot on windows - windows snipping tool

Image Source: microsoft.com

A mainstay of Windows operating systems since the days of Vista, this is one of the go-to solutions when you need to take a screenshot. The great thing about this is that you can choose a section of the screen rather than having to get the entire thing. Go to All Programs under the Start menu, then find the Snipping Tool under Windows Accessories.

Click New and you’ll be able to start out. The default option is a rectangular selection, but you can also do it by free-form selection or for a specific window. You can even take a shot of the entire screen from this tool if you wish. Worried about getting the tool itself out of the way before you take the shot? No problem – you can delay it by up to five seconds, just like a standard camera. NOTE: This option does not save your shots automatically.

Print Screen (The Non-Saving Option)

laptop keyboard

This one is the one most people know about. It’s the simplest, but it’s also a pretty cut and dry type of task. You won’t be able to select certain parts of your screen or individual windows, but you can take a shot of the entire screen with the PrtScn button.

The button is found on most keyboards to the right of the F numerical keys along the top, right around Scroll Lock and Pause Break. This option won’t save your files automatically, and will instead just copy them to the clipboard. It’s useful if you need to paste a file into a document or image editing program quickly.

Print Screen (The Auto-Saving Option)

hand on a laptop keyboard

This one is a slight variation of the one before – the only difference is you’ll be taking a screenshot of the entire screen and saving the result in the Screenshot folder in the Pictures directory. To do this, just hold the Windows Key while pressing PrtScn. If you did it right, you’ll see the display dim for a brief moment.

Print Screen + Alt

alt+prt scrn method

Prt Scrn is a popular key for this type of task, as you can see. But what about if you’re only wanting to share your open window? You may not want to close down or minimize everything else, or risk your private data being visible. How can you screenshot a single open browser window or standalone program screen?

The key is pressing Prt Scrn + Alt. This is another option that doesn’t save your screenshot automatically – you’ll need to paste it from the clipboard into Paint or another similar image editor to save it yourself.

Windows Key + H

windows button + H

Sometimes the reason you want to capture your screen is so you can share it with others. It makes troubleshooting errors, group assignments, and collaborative work projects much easier. To do this, simply press the Windows Key + H.

This will take a screenshot of your display, and will also open the Windows Share toolbar. You can send the result to others via email, social media, OneNote, and more!

Snip Editor

Snip Editor

Image Source: windowsgeek.lk

This Microsoft Garage project, known also as Microsoft Snip, can be as reliable (if not more so) than the standard Snipping Tool. It’s similar to that tool, with the main difference being you can save your settings and program the PrtScn button to activate them. If you need to do multiple screenshots in a row and want to save time, this is the tool to use.

Windows Logo + Volume Down

set of computers

Image Source: neowin.net

This one works for Windows Surface devices, and anyone who has used a tablet or smartphone will find it to be very familiar. Simply hold down the Windows Logo touch button on the bottom of the device and then press the button you’d normally use to turn down the volume at the same time. This will cause the screen to dim momentarily, then you should see your screenshot in the Pictures directory.

When Could Taking Screenshots Be Useful?

It’s worth knowing how to take a screenshot on Windows, and how to use each of the options above. This is because there are multiple situations where it could come in handy.

As mentioned, collaborative work often requires sharing screens. For example, imagine a person working on putting together a chart in Microsoft Office then Skyping with a business partner. Sure, they can describe the chart’s values and categories, but it won’t be the same effect as sending it over. Rather than using Skype’s screensharing feature which shows everything, the person can simply take a screenshot of the graph and send it over alone.

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The same could be said of homework. Sharing a syllabus or study guide between multiple screens makes it easy for a group to work on a project together and prepare for the same test while helping one another along. Better collaborative tools mean better results, and that’s something Windows strives for.

Screenshots can also be useful when you’re trying to describe a problem, show an error report, or get technical assistance over an issue that’s hard to put into words. This can be a lifesaver in those instances, and can allow you to get the insight you need for clearing up technical bugs.

Troubleshooting Screenshot Problems: Common Issues and Errors

Though taking a screenshot on Windows may seem relatively simple, some people can encounter problems. This is usually the result of one of a couple common mistakes, but can also be due to the type of equipment you’re using.

One issue some people experience is pressing keys in multi-key commands separately, or one after the other. It’s important to make sure both are pressed at the same time. If need be, you can even hold one down then press the other to make sure they’re both in sync. Older versions of the Windows OS and different systems like Linux can sometimes use different commands altogether. For issues like this, it’s good to access the help files and find out which commands are applicable for the task you’re doing.

What happens if you take a screenshot and it seems to be cut off at certain points? This is almost always the result of a display issue. The configuration a program or window is set to may not match your monitor, or you could be using an outdated monitor that requires upscaling – a great characteristic of many GPUs, but not one that always translates to functions like screenshotting.

The Ease of Taking a Screenshot in Windows

This is a task that is often made more complicated than it should be. Remembering these simple key commands can help anyone take a screenshot.

It doesn’t matter whether you want the entire screen, a section of it, or even an individual window. You can find the option to suit your needs from Microsoft’s tools and built-in commands. Whether you’re working with classmates or coworkers, capturing pictures or documents, you’ll find these commands come into play more than many would think.

That’s all there is to it – go forth with the knowledge of how to take a screenshot on Windows and stick with the options that suit your needs. In any case, they’ll definitely look better than snapping a picture of the monitor with your phone’s camera.

HP Spectre x360 Laptop: Everything That You Need To Know

HP Spectre x360 Laptop
HP Spectre x360 Laptop – Everything That You Need To Know

Finding the right laptop is a complex balancing act. Shoppers know why they’re going with this class of devices over say, PCs – they want something compact, that’s easy to move around and transport.

But the smaller a laptop gets, the more concern there is about whether the components inside can really offer top-notch performance for the money. This doesn’t always have to be the case, but it does illustrate the care buyers must take to ensure they get the best of both worlds.

The right laptop offers that sweet spot between great performance and compact size. For companies like HP, their offerings are plentiful. As one of the leading laptop makers in the entire industry, they have a wealth of different products that check most boxes for buyers.

Today, we’re looking at the HP Spectre x360. A thin, powerful, high-quality laptop, this one has gotten some great feedback from previous buyers. We’ll be taking a look at the computer’s construction as well as it’s specs, examining how each contributes to its overall appeal.

Built for performance and creativity, the HP Spectre x360 is about giving users a versatile approach to content creation. Using its robust components and multiple modes, users can manage a variety of content and multitask with ease.

HP - Spectre x360 2-in-1 13.3" Touch-Screen Laptop - Intel Core i7 -...
  • Stunning style from any angle: Amazingly thin and light in a visually stunning metal body, this convertible PC is a masterful blend of design and performance.
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-7500U with Intel HD Graphics 520 (2.7 GHz, up to 3.1 GHz, 4 MB cache, 2 cores) with Intel Turbo Boost Technology
  • Impressive performance. All day portability. Enjoy lightning-fast performance throughout the day on this premium x360 with a longer lasting battery life for your non-compromising schedule.

The HP Spectre x360 offers a lot in the sense it’s what buyers aim for in a laptop – it’s not only highly powerful for its size, but it’s extremely thin for its components. The combined power of high-end features and space-efficient design already makes it a solid mid-to-high range laptop.

Hovering right around the one thousand dollar range depending on where you’re buying it, this laptop also carries an average price tag for a computer in its tier. The laptop is advertised as “creativity in its most powerful form.” That’s a lofty tag to place on a laptop, especially since the high-end parts needed to support creative practices are much easier to put into a PC than a laptop.

But there’s a good reason to have a compact device if you’re creative. Creative types often work as freelancers, and thus travel is sometimes a requirement. In addition, creativity often requires you to go to the project instead of the other way around. For instances like this, having a robust machine you can easily slide into a messenger bag or backpack is very helpful.

When we’re talking about the x360, we’re talking about it in its standard form – with a 15.6” display. It also comes in a 13.3” variant, with some minor differences to the specs. But just how do the specs of this machine prepare it for common processes, multitasking, and creative functions?

Let’s take a look at everything from the components to the display size and determine exactly what the Spectre x360 offers – and how it’s design contributes to its viability as a solid mid-to-high-range creative-focused machine.

What Specs Does the Spectre x360 Offer?

HP - Spectre x360 2-in-1 13.3' Touch-Screen Laptop - Intel Core i7 -...

With a 15.6” display, this laptop has a pretty big screen. While it isn’t the largest you’ll find for laptops around this price, there’s plenty of display space to see what you’re doing – whether that’s casual browsing and multitasking or high-end content creation.

The display size isn’t the only measurement worth noting – it’s 19.45 mm thick. This means it’s one of the thinnest and most compact machines you’ll find for creating content. It’s also only 4.6 pounds, meaning you’ll barely notice it’s along for the ride when you stuff it in your backpack or messenger bag.

But what about the processing power? A computer’s processor is its brain, and this plays a big role in how fast it will be as well as how efficient its operations will run. This one has all the processing power most will ever need for normal functions like web browsing, word processing, chatting, and more. The Intel i58250OU quad-core CPU is designed with robust eighth-generation architecture. The result? It’s a quick, response device built to handle modern tasks and balance the load evenly.

HP - Spectre x360 2-in-1 13.3' Touch-Screen Laptop - Intel Core i7 -...

Compare this with lower-grade processors, which take a core-by-core approach, and it’s easy to tell the difference in practice. Intel’s superior architecture shines, and by balancing the load of what you’re doing between a set of four physical cores the machine can handle almost any task with ease.

It runs at a base clock speed of 1.8GHz and can be pushed all the way to 4GHz thanks to the included Turbo Boost Technology. The processor also has an 8MB cache.

Graphics matter too, especially if you’re aiming to use the computer for editing, rendering, and gaming. This computer offers powerful graphics, using RX Vega M GL graphical components to put performance on par with big cards like the GeForce GTX 1050. That’s enough graphical power to highlight each of the 8.2 million pixels on the 4K-capable display. Whether you’re just enjoying a video or creating your own content, this comes in handy.

There’s also 8GB of RAM, a 256GB SSD, and a copy of Windows 10 Home included. All together, this setup makes for a robust collection of parts that complement one another perfectly.



  • 15.6 inches display
  • 19.45mm thin
  • 4.6 lbs light


  • Up to 13 hours and 30 min (MM14)6
  • Up to 12 hours and 15 minutes FHD Video Playback7


  • 3840x2160 resolution


  • HP Quad Speakers
  • 12 HP Audio Boost
  • Custom tuning by the experts at Bang & Olufsen


  • HP Sure View Integrated Privacy Screen
  • Fingerprint reader
  • HP True Vision FHD IR Camera
  • USB-C™ 3.1 Type A ports


  • 16GB LPDDR3 high memory capacity
  • IR thermal sensor
  • Backlit Keyboard
  • HP Fast Charge
  • Dual 4K Support
  • HP Sleep And Charge

What Makes This Laptop Unique? Is It Special For Its Class?

One of the first things most people look for in a laptop is versatility. When a person buys a computer, they may have certain features in mind. Likewise, they may know what purpose they want the computer to serve. But this may change, so it’s valuable to have a computer that can handle any task you want – even when you develop new needs over time.

This machine is designed so you can use it in several different modes ranging from the standard laptop set up to a bigger-than-average tablet. The result is that you’ll get a machine capable of doing 4K video editing, inking through touch screen functionality, 3D rendering, photo editing and much more.

HP - Spectre x360 2-in-1 13.3' Touch-Screen Laptop - Intel Core i7 -...

HP knows that people don’t just need the right collection of specs to accomplish these functions – they need a laptop that can be figured into a comfortable work device. Versatile design makes this machine conducive to a smooth workflow, allowing both professionals and hobbyists alike to manage content with ease.

This laptop is also unique thanks to its battery. The device offers up to 16-hours of life on a single charge, which is solid for laptops in this class. Though it is possible for some functions to drain more battery life than others, a lifespan of two-thirds of a day is very helpful.

Privacy is another important matter for laptop users to consider. No one likes the thought of their device being compromised, which is why HP takes so many steps to prevent this. There’s a privacy mode with fingerprint scanner and high-end camera, enabling secure logins and easy privacy control for users of all skill levels.

It’s also important to note the advanced thermal sensors included to promote coolness. High-performance processes like 3D rendering and 4K video streaming can take a big toll on any machine, and the IR sensor helps to coordinate airflow based on the computer’s temperature – keeping it cool to the touch.

Looks matter, too – and you’ll turn heads with this computer’s backlit keyboard. It also makes things a little easier when you’re working with the lights turned down low. Late-night artists will love this feature, just like they’ll love the chance to connect two separate 4K displays to the machine for a full three-monitor total setup.

While there are plenty of great specs to talk about with this laptop, that isn’t all that matters to prospective buyers. What about how well the computer performs for what it costs? And, perhaps more importantly, how about the public perception of the machine and the company behind it?

HP Spectre x360 Price And Public Perception

HP - Spectre x360 2-in-1 13.3' Touch-Screen Laptop - Intel Core i7 -...

As mentioned, the price of this machine tends to hover around the thousand dollar mark. If you go for the upgraded versions, you’ll be able to enjoy an i7 instead of an i5, giving you the benefit of hyperthreading. Higher-priced versions can come in at closer to a thousand and two hundred, but also come with more RAM, VRAM, and SSD capacity.

You could shell out roughly around one thousand and three hundred and end up with an eight-generation i7, 16GB of RAM, and 512GB of SSD storage. Either with this improvements or the standard configuration, you’re getting more than enough processing power and graphical prowess for the price. Some of the features, such as the display size and standard storage options may be a bit underwhelming for the product class, but both can be upgraded.

The public perception of HP is good – they’re one of the most successful companies in the industry. And while the x360 has garnered a lot of praise for its strengths, it also has some weaknesses. Because it isn’t built for some functions, such as gaming for example, and thus will fall short in those areas. Just as a gaming-focused machine may lag during content creation, this laptop can excel in that area but may require gamers to turn their settings down for smooth frame rates.

How Does this Computer Compare to the Competition?

This laptop is a powerful model, for sure. It offers everything a user could want from a robust processor/graphics combo to a sleek design favoring versatility. But these design choices aren’t exactly unique – despite the HP Spectre x360 being a very attractive buy, it has plenty of competition that offers similar features.

Since many of HP’s models are similar for the purpose of providing consistency based on the product category, let’s look at another brand.

Dell is a good choice, and their XPS 15 2-in-1 laptop is a direct competitor to this Spectre. For one, it offers a sleeker design and looks a little more compact. It handles better, but the Spectre excels in certain areas. Features such as the backlit keyboard make for a more comfortable session late at night.

New Gaming Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 9575 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8705G Radeon...
  • 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8705G Processor (8M Cache, up to 4.1 GHz) plus Radeon RX Vega M with 4GB Graphics Memory gives you the performance you need for rich content creation, editing or viewing 4K content or mega-tasking like gaming.
  • 15.6" 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) InfinityEdge Anti-Reflective Touch Display for big, glorious, pinpoint-precise images. Picture perfect with 100% Adobe RGB and 1500:1 contrast ratio display covers a wider color gamut
  • Beautiful from any angle: The anti-reflective screen combined with superior 400-nit brightness frees you to enjoy your entertainment outdoors. Plus, the IPS panel provides a wider viewing angle

The Microsoft Surface Book 2 is another competitor, which, although lacking in as powerful a processor, does better in gaming. For those who are more about spending their free time gaming than creating content, it could be the better option.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 (Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB) - 13.5"
  • Microsoft Surface Book 2 Features a 7th generation Intel Dual Core i5 Processor, 256 GB of storage, 8 GB RAM, and up to 17 hours of video playback
  • Includes an Intel HD Graphics 620 integrated GPU; Full-size SDXC card reader
  • The fastest Surface Book yet, with 2x more power. Aspect ratio: 3:2, contrast ratio: 1600:1

It all depends on what a person chooses to do with their laptop, but the overall selection of core features is on par with any competitor. The HP Spectre x360 is a great choice, and shows off HP’s commitment to creating robust machines that are space-efficient in their design.



HP - Spectre x360 2-in-1 13.3" Touch-Screen Laptop - Intel Core i7 - 8GB Memory - 256GB Solid State Drive - Natural Silver/Black





Our Verdict: It’s Worth It If You’re A Content Creator

The HP Spectre x 360 isn’t shy about what it is – it’s a powerful machine built to save space. But that isn’t all, and it isn’t even the biggest selling point. This computer is built for artistry, and for giving content creators, editors, and professionals the chance to handle their work without a clunky PC.

For those who enjoy 4K video editing, photo editing with 3D rendering, and the other complex functions graphic artists take part in, this laptop is a great buy. It may not be quite as small as some others that offers similar specs, but for the price it is hard to beat.

A good laptop can offer a bit of performance in all areas and high performance in a few. With this machine you’ll be able to play low-end gaming, enjoy decent battery life, and engage in as much multitasking as the average user would need.

Couple this with the high-end rendering and graphical capabilities for designers, and you have a well-rounded machine that isn’t shy about its strengths. Can you do better for the money? Potentially – but as a graphic artist looking for a compact laptop in this price range, it’s hard to find something that offers more value.

The HP Spectre x360 is a great purchase, and one any laptop lover could enjoy. From its multiple modes to its touchscreen functionality to its high-end Intel CPU, it checks all the boxes for what a laptop in this price range should have – and offers high-end graphic design capabilities on top.

Acer Laptops: The Best Models to Look for in the Market Today

Acer Laptops
Best Acer Laptops & Computer Equipment For 2019

Acer quickly moved up the ranks in the tech community since its founding in 1976 under the name Multitech International.

Around the turn of the millennium, Acer shifted gears and tried out a new business model. Rather than just being a manufacturer, they became a full-service tech solution. From design to marketing and distribution, they now handle it all. Just three years ago, they were already hovering around the top five ranks for personal computer vendors around the globe.

From PCs to tablets to Chromebooks, Acer has diversified their product line substantially throughout the years. They’ve even expanded their inventory to include various types of smartphones and computerized devices, making them a holistic equipment maker.

How does a person choose which Acer equipment is best? For this list, we’ll look to rank several of the company’s popular laptop computers based on their specs, durability, and reputation. We’ll examine the components and the feedback these models have achieved, then give each one a score. We’ll also take a look at some of the company’s standalone equipment and look at how it could help a buyer improve their setup.

Acer is a master of balancing performance with fair prices – and the result is value. Here’s how we’ll rate their equipment.

How Do We Choose Our Ratings for Acer Laptops and Gear?

When we’re rating laptops, we’ll take a look at their dimensions, specs, and design. We’ll factor in how the part selection affects performance, and whether a certain computer is geared toward a certain type of buyer – i.e., gamers, content creators, etc.

We’ll also take into account the price of the computer. Acer laptops have a reputation for being cost-efficient, and for giving users a high amount of value for their dollar. Most people who shop for these computers do so for that reason. We’ll choose our selections based on prices and whether they’re warranted for the product they’re attached to.

Finally, we’ll look at how users in the community have rated these laptops. It could be anything from a glowing review given by a top tech site or a one-star review left by a verified buyer. But the feedback a computer has gotten from those who’ve used it matters as much as any spec or proclamation by the manufacturer.

As for the gear selection, we’ll analyze a few pieces of Acer’s top equipment and talk about how each one could contribute to a smooth workflow or improved experience.

Acer Chromebook 15 CB515-1HT-P39B, Pentium N4200, 15.6" Full HD Touch,...
  • Chromebook runs on Chrome OS - an operating system by Google that is built for the way we live today. It comes with built-in virus protection, updates automatically*, boots up in seconds and continues to stay fast over time. (*Internet connection is required).
  • All the Google apps you know and love come standard on every Chromebook, which means you can edit, download, and convert Microsoft Office files in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.
  • With the Google Play Store, you can access a rich library of apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines, and more, all from your Chromebook.

Our Rating:

The Chromebook has become a popular choice for professionals, students, and even frequent travelers since its inception. Combining the simple Chrome OS with a lightweight frame, this computer makes it easy to get work done or simply enjoy casual use – without taking up too much space.

The conveniences are plentiful, including a wide-angle display with anti-glare properties so you can enjoy all 15.6” of the screen. It’s equipped with 802.11ac wireless technology, making it easy to hop on your nearest network and connect without problems.

As for the specs, you get 4GM of RAM, 32GB of eMMC flash memory, built-in cloud support with Google Drive, and integrated Intel HD Graphics 505. This means you have the basics necessary for casual use, work, and even light photo editing and gaming.

For a price around $300, a shopper would be hard pressed to find another Chromebook by such a reputable manufacturer that delivers in the same areas. It has around double the memory a computer of this type can be expected to, and the graphical capabilities are stronger than one would expect for such a small computer. Overall, it’s a great value purchase and a solid starter Chromebook for anyone.

2018 Newest Acer R11 11.6" Convertible HD IPS Touchscreen Chromebook,...
  • 360° flip-and-fold design, 11.6 in HD IPS touchscreen (1366x768 ), Energy-efficient LED backlight, 10-finger multi-touch support ; Intel HD Graphics 400 with shared graphics memory
  • Intel Dual-Core N3060 1.6 GHz, Up to 2.48GHz, 4GB DDR3L 1600 MHz; 16GB eMMC storage. SD card reader, No Optical drive
  • Bluetooth4.0, 802.11ac, HD Webcam, 1 x USB 2.0; 1 x USB 3.0; 1 x HDMI; 1 x Headphone output/Microphone input combo

Our Rating:

Another interesting entry into the Chromebook category, the R11 masters the 2-in-1 setup. With a laptop that offers touchscreen functionality, it’s nice to have the option to use it as a tablet whether you’re working, chatting, or just browsing the web.

Like the last entry, this one comes with the Google Chrome OS. While it has a smaller display at only 11.6”, you’re still getting a 720p resolution for wide-viewing angles and LED backlights for more comfortable viewing. The computer also has the Intel Celeron N3160 processor. This is a great entry-level quad-core model, and can offer more than enough processing power for casual tasks such as e-mail, chatting, and web browsing.

It also comes with 4GB of memory, 32GB of eMMC flash, and built-in cloud support like the last model. The graphics are a step down from the previous model, but the Intel HD 400 graphics are still powerful enough for casual gaming and photo editing.

It’s only about $300, cheaper than the above model, and that constitutes a noticeable step down in graphics and screen size. Buying a Chromebook is more than just getting a convenient OS – it’s about getting as much size as possible in a compact package. This one may not have the best specs, but it is still a very solid Acer all around.

Acer 2018 Premium Flagship Nitro 5 15.6 Inch FHD Gaming Laptop (Intel...
  • 15.6" Full HD (1920 x 1080) Widescreen IPS Display; Up to 8.5-hours of battery life
  • 8th Generation Intel Core i5-8300H Processor (2.3 GHz up to 4.0 GHz); NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti with 4 GB of dedicated GDDR5 VRAM
  • 1x USB 3.0; 2x USB 2.0; Network (RJ-45); HDMI Output; 1x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C

Our Rating:

A break from the Chromebook category, this computer is a little thicker and a little pricier, retailing at just around $800 in Amazon. However, it has higher specs than the previous Acers we’ve looked at. Starting with the processor, it offers an Intel Core i5 CPU, giving users access to four cores and uses Intel’s eighth-generation architecture.

It’s capable of 1080p resolution on the 15.6” display, made even more capable thanks to the dedicated graphics. The Nitro is equipped for high-end gaming performance, giving users an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 with 4GB of GDDR5 memory.

The specs are solid throughout. Acer rounded out this model with a 1TB hard drive, 8GB of RAM, and a Windows 10 OS.

Quad-core Intel processor? 8GB of memory? A high-end GeForce GPU? You’re getting a solid all-around machine here, and while the display may be a little smaller than what some gamers are used to, you always have the option to expand your monitor setup via HDMI. For the money, this is a great all-around gaming laptop that can handle a little bit of everything.

Acer Chromebook R 11 Convertible, 11.6-Inch HD Touch, Intel Celeron...
  • This Certified Refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. The product ships with all relevant accessories, a minimum 90-day warranty, and may arrive in a generic box. Only select sellers who maintain a high performance bar may offer Certified Refurbished products on Amazon.com
  • Intel Celeron N3150 Quad-Core Processor 1.6GHz with Intel Burst Technology up to 2.08GHz
  • 11.6" HD Widescreen LED-backlit Display, Multi-touch screen, supporting 10 finger touch

Our Rating:

Another entry into the Chromebook category, this computer has a slim design and retails at just around $400 . What do you get for that price? Let’s start with an Intel Celeron N3150 quad-core processor, running at 1.6GHz base speed. It also comes with 4GB of memory and a 32GB SSD. For a laptop that is admittedly on the low end of the buying range, that’s a pretty powerful setup.

There’s also HD integrated Intel graphics and a 720p display, allowing you to stay focused and enjoy whatever you’re viewing with great clarity. You can easily swing the display, putting it in tent mode or tablet mode for whatever the task calls for.

Finally, this unit rounds out the package of solid features with IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n wireless connectivity to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. For the money, it’s hard to do better than this little gem.

It’s light but not light on the specs. For its size and class, this product is fast and nearly everything. And while it is possible to find other portable laptops with the Chrome OS that are in the same price class, it’s hard to match these features.

Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop, 15.6" Full HD IPS, Intel i7...
  • Latest 7th Generation Intel Core i7 Processor 2.8GHz with Turbo Boost Technology up to 3.8GHz | Windows 10 Home 64-bit
  • Latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 with 6 GB of dedicated GDDR5 VRAM
  • 15.6" Full HD (1920 x 1080) widescreen IPS display, Red Backlit Keyboard

Our Rating:

This one is only lower than the others for one simple reason – the price. It’s around $1200, so it’s one of the more expensive Acers you’ll find. But it’s worthy of special mention because it offers gamers and Acer lovers something special – and the manufacturer didn’t skip on the specs at all.

It comes with a seventh-generation i7-7700HQ processor, which can be pushed to 3.8GHz in Turbo mode. Gamers will get to enjoy smooth framerates on high settings thanks to the 1080p display and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 with 6GB of dedicated GDDR memory.

Throw in 16GB of DDR4 RAM, a 256GB SSD, and an empty slot where you can add a second drive of your choice, and you have a well-rounded gaming machine built to handle a bit of everything.

While this machine is certainly more powerful than the others on our list, its only downfall is the high price. You can find a lot of good gaming laptops in this price range, but it deserves a mention simply for showing Acer isn’t just about low-cost laptops. They can do it all, including releasing a finely tuned gaming machine you can carry around in your backpack.

Buyer’s Guide for Acer Laptops: What to Consider

When you’re shopping for a laptop, Acer is a great brand to consider. While no brand can sell products based off their name alone, Acer is a proven name in the tech industry with a good reputation for a good reason.

The important thing to consider at the start of your buying journey is – what type of device do you need? Are you looking for something super compact, or something that has very high specs? Do you want to stay within a mid-range budget, or are you fine breaking four figures to get your next laptop?

As we showed, there are plenty of options from Acer in many different areas. From Chromebooks built for work and casual use to gaming PCs, there are options for multiple price ranges. Considering price and type together will help you make your search much more concise.

All five entries on our list have gotten good reviews, and they have the standard parts you’d want in a laptop – a quad-core CPU, 4GB of RAM, and solid graphics at minimum. When you look for specs like these in a computer, you’re bound to find something good for the money.

What About Acer Equipment and Standalone Gear?

What about the best Acer equipment in 2018? We know they have great laptops, but this company makes a wide variety of products that can help improve any tech setup. We’ll divide these parts up into categories and show how each one can be useful.

Acer Predator Spirits Mousepad
  • Tightly woven textile design offers incredible control & precision tracking
  • Crisp and smooth mouse movements over the reduced friction surface
  • Non-slip rubber base is sturdy and reliable in heated gaming sessions

Since many of the laptops in Acer’s inventory are built for gaming, it’s only right they’d include gaming accessories in their inventory. From mousepads to headphones to backpacks, they offer everything a gamer could want. They also go with the Predator brand, which has received many good reviews.

Projector Ceiling Mount for ACER H5380BD
  • FAST SHIPPING: All projector mounts shipped via USPS Priority Mail (2 to 3 day service)
  • Guaranteed to fit any these projector models: ACER H5380BD
  • Sets the projector only 5" from the ceiling

There’s nothing quite like playing a game or watching a movie on a big display. When 1080p and 15.6” isn’t enough, projection can be the right solution. These models are made by Acer and can help you take your viewing experience to the (really) big screen.

1TB 2.5" Hard Drive for Acer Aspire 5560 5570 5570Z 5580 5590 5600...
  • Interface: SATA, Capacity: 1000GB, RPM: 5400RPM, Cache: 8MB, Size: 2.5 Inchs, 3.0Gb/s
  • Package Include: 1000GB 5400RPM Hard Disk Drive
  • This Product Has 3 Years Warranty And 14 Days Money Back Guarantee

Not satisfied with the amount of storage an Acer laptop has? They sell standalone drives with bracket kits to make installation easy. If your laptop or PC has the space, you can install multiple drives to improve both the device’s performance and your ability to stay organized when using it.

These are just a few of the types of equipment categories you’ll find with Acer. There’s also keyboards, mice, backpacks, and more – any user can complete their setup with Acer.

Comparison Table

Acer Chromebook 15 CB515-1HT-P39B, Pentium N4200, 15.6' Full HD Touch,...
14.9 x 10.1 x 0.7 inches
5.76 pounds
2018 Newest Acer R11 11.6' Convertible HD IPS Touchscreen Chromebook,...
15.4 x 9.3 x 3.1 inches
2.76 pounds
Acer 2018 Premium Flagship Nitro 5 15.6 Inch FHD Gaming Laptop (Intel...
15.3 x 10.5 x 1.1 inches
7.89 pounds
Acer Chromebook R 11 Convertible, 11.6-Inch HD Touch, Intel Celeron...
8 x 11.6 x 0.8 inches
2.76 pounds
Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop, 15.6' Full HD IPS, Intel i7...
15.3 x 10.5 x 1.1 inches
5.95 pounds

Buyer’s Guide for Acer Equipment in 2018

When you’re shopping with a company like Acer, it’s hard to go wrong. They have so many quality products and such a good grasp on the tech industry they know what buyers like.

From their gaming accessories to their hard drive assembly kits, Acer offers plenty of great equipment any user may need. It all depends on the setup in question and what a person looks for. But just the Acer brand name along makes it easier to spot a quality product.

Acer has come a long way over the decades from a distributor to one of the top ranked sellers of laptops and computer equipment. Every product and product type on this list offers a good deal of value, and any shoppers should consider them alongside competitors when they’re shopping for a new device.

How to Screenshot on Mac – A Guide for Beginners and Newbies

How To Screenshot On Mac
Computer How To’s – How To Screenshot On A Mac Computer

Knowing how to screenshot on your Apple Mac computer is an important skill that can enhance your computer experience.

A screenshot is a photograph of whatever images are displayed on your computer screen. Each screenshot is saved as a .png file on your desktop, titled “Screen Shot Date at Time”.

There are many ways to take a screenshot on a Mac. In this article, we discuss all the ways this action can be accomplished, explaining the pros and cons of each approach. Finally, we end with our thoughts on screenshots and the future of this feature.

How to Screenshot on Mac – The Simplest Way

mac keyboard

Learning how to screenshot on your Mac is easy when you start off with the simplest method. This entails pressing the shift button, the command button and the number 3 all at the same time on the keyboard.

This combination automatically produces a .png file that will display a screenshot of your computer screen if opened.

This is a really quick method that is great if you’re taking many screenshots at once.

By employing this method, you are storing a photograph of the entire computer screen, including all overlapping windows and the background of the desktop.

After taking the screenshot, the screenshot will appear on your desktop, allowing you to rename it, store it in a folder, and edit it as you wish.

When you double-click the file, your Mac will display the screenshot through the program Preview. If you want to open the screenshot in a different program, try selecting the “Open With” option after clicking on the photograph. From there, your Mac will give you several programs to choose from depending on what programs you have downloaded on your computer.

Many people who wonder how to screenshot on Mac master this method first because the command is so easy to master. After using this command only several times, your hands will be able to execute it seamlessly. Then you can move on to more complicated ways of taking screenshots.

Many people who screenshot on Mac also edit these screenshots using editing software. The screenshot method just described is ideal for this kind of editing, as it allows users to easily collect many images and then crop them afterward.

The Drawbacks of this Method

The main drawback of this method is that it’s not suitable for capturing screenshots of parts of your screen. While cropping might work for more savvy users, some users don’t want to bother with editing and just want an image to use immediately.

Also, because the screenshot method just described is so easy and requires simply pressing three buttons together, it might be overused or accidentally employed, causing many screenshots to accumulate on your desktop. Over time, this could take up space on your computer.

It’s worth noting that you can change where these screenshots are saved and in what format they are saved. This requires more advanced knowledge of computers and entails interacting with the terminals application on Mac. There are many websites that detail how these alterations can be achieved, such as this one.

How to Screenshot on Mac – the Most Precise Way

Alternatively, you can take a screenshot of a precise area on your screen by pressing the shift buttonthe command button, and the number 4 all at the same time on the keyboard.

This will turn your pointer into a crosshairs icon. You can then use this crosshairs icon to demarcate an area on the screen for your screenshot.

In order to do this, determine what area on the screen you want captured. Bring the crosshairs into one of the four corners of this area. Then, click once and hold the click, dragging the crosshairs across the screen to cover the area of your desired section. As you drag the crosshairs, parts of the section will become shaded to indicate that they have been selected.

If the area you want to capture is not in the shape of a square, you can always screenshot a slightly larger section and then crop the exact section using editing software afterward. In this sense, just because you use this more precise way of taking a screenshot does not mean that the screenshot has to be perfectly exact. There can be unnecessary space around the perimeter of your subject that needs to be cropped out via editing.

Yet, what makes this method of taking a screenshot popular is that it usually makes editing unnecessary. If editing is required, its usually very minimal and can be done quickly.

The Drawbacks of this Method

The main drawback of this method is that it’s slower and requires more precision. This can make it tedious when trying to accumulate a large number of screenshots, as you must manually set the borders of the screenshot each time.

Furthermore, the command of holding down the click while dragging the crosshairs across the screen can lead to inaccurate cropping. Many users forget that the cropping process begins the moment they click the keypad or mouse. These users click and then let go, resulting in either no image or a very small image. Additionally, after each error, these users have to reinitiate the screenshot command and delete the previous screenshot, which can be a time-consuming process.

It’s worth noting that pressing the escape button at any time exits the screenshot application, allowing you to start over. Thus, if you accidentally initiate the screenshot process, but don’t want to take a screenshot, then you can press the escape button while you are holding down the click. Essentially, you don’t have to take a screenshot just because the application has been initiated.

This more precise method is not ideal for blowing up small sections on your screen. While it can produce a smaller image, these images are usually blurry or full of noise when blown up in size. Thus, they must be usually left at their original ratio to avoid these aesthetic issues. Yet, this can be counterintuitive if you want to make some detail of a small image clear by increasing its size.

In this sense, this method of taking a screenshot on Mac is limited and could be improved by offering an option to produce a screenshot with more pixels.

How to Screenshot on Mac – the Windows Option

Within the more precise option to screenshot, users can press the space bar once the crosshairs icon has come up. This turns the crosshairs into a camera icon.

When you hover this camera icon over a window on your computer screen, it will shade the entire window. If you click the camera icon once, your Mac will produce a screenshot of only that shaded window.

This is extremely convenient if you want to capture a screenshot of a window that is smaller than your entire screen. Instead of having to manually set the borders, you can just press the space bar and then click anywhere in the window.

The main drawback of this method is that it only works on windows from applications. Windows within applications, like images and texts and other pages, are not distinguished. In order to capture these more precise sections of your screen, you will have to use the crosshairs icon and set the borders manually.

Our Final Thoughts on Screenshots

We think that learning how to screenshot on your Mac is a very simple process that requires mastering some basic keyboard commands.

We recommend starting off with the simplest method of just pressing the shift button, command button, and number 3 all at once. This will give you an instant screenshot that will be saved to your desktop.

Even if this photograph needs to be cropped or is unusable, practicing this command will help you master how to screenshot on your Mac. Ultimately, the best screenshot takers are able to execute the command in one fluid motion without looking at the keyboard. This allows them to constantly pay attention to the contents on their screen, which lets them consider future screenshots.

Many beginner screenshot takers must constantly watch the keyboard when they are executing the command, and this ultimately disturbs the flow of their computer experience, which limits their screenshotting potential.

If screenshots become popular enough in the future, computer companies might include a button on the keyboard that takes a screenshot once pressed.

Alternatively, future computer companies could provide users with more control over how certain functions are executed. This ability is already present in some computers, but the screenshot function is rarely allowed this level of customization. If the screenshot function can be controlled, then it rarely can be executed using a single keyboard button. In the future, we think this will be different.

More generally, we think all future keyboards will be completely customizable, allowing users to program whatever commands they want. While this might seem unrealistic, we think it’s just around the corner.

Razer Mouse Pad Review: Is It Really Worth Every Penny?

Razer Mouse Pad Review
Review of the Razer Mouse Pad Is It Worth Every Penny

Since many careers and responsibilities require the use of a computer, we often forget that using a computer should be a luxurious, comfortable experience.

There is no need to be uncomfortable or feel awkward when using a computer, yet many of us do. Over time, we repress these painful elements of our daily life, not realizing that we can enhance our experience by purchasing various computer accessories.

A mouse pad is one such accessory that is often ignored when people finetune their computer experience. Yet, a mouse pad can be a critical piece of equipment that adds an entirely new dimension to your experience.

In this article, we review three of the most popular Razer mouse pads, explaining their distinguishing characteristics as well as their drawbacks. Finally, we offer our thoughts on which mouse pad is the most worthwhile purchase, as well as where we think the mouse pad industry is going in the future.

Razer Sphex V2: Ultra-Thin Form Factor - Optimized Gaming Surface -...
  • The Razer Sphex V2's ultra-thin form factor combined with the improved adhesive base, makes it perfect for those who prefer an unobtrusive gaming experience
  • Developed to enhance your mouse performance, the Razer Sphex V2 is designed to bring out the best in both optical and laser sensors, and is optimized for both speed and control gameplay
  • The extra durable polycarbonate surface of the Razer Sphex V2 is lab tested to have ultra-high impact, rip, and tear strength through intense gaming sessions and tournaments
Sphex V2 star ratings

The Sphex V2 Razer mouse pad costs around $15 on Amazon and is considered a gaming mouse pad.

It has a non-slip adhesive base as well as a polycarbonate surface that is designed to dovetail perfectly with Razer mice.

The Sphex V2 Razer mouse pad is half a millimeter thick and is designed to be as minimal as possible.

The Benefits of the Sphex V2 Razer Mouse Pad

Due to the polycarbonate surface, this mouse pad is extremely durable. This is rare for such a cheap mouse pad, especially one that costs less than $20. This material is designed to withstand repeated gestures and constant usage, which is common during computer gaming.While this mouse pad was designed for gamers, it can be used by anyone that frequently uses a laptop or computer. It’s a very minimal mouse pad and allows you to almost forget you are using a mouse pad. This is important when you are using a computer, as you want to feel as light and comfortable as possible yet as supported and supplemented as possible. This combination can only be achieved when your equipment is effective yet minimal.  

Razer also features a collection of colorful lines on the surface of the mouse pad to give it a futuristic, gutsy look. This is important considering how visible the mouse pad will be. Even if it stays at home, it will become a part of the interior architecture of your home. If you take the mouse pad with you on the go, it will become a part of your traveling persona. In this sense, its iridescence can reflect some element of your personality. Furthermore, because the Sphex V2 Razer Mouse Pad is so thin, it’s extremely portable and can fit in a computer bag very easily. This means that you will not have to bring extra bags in order to store it.Perhaps the best feature of this Razer mouse pad is that it was designed to optimally function with Razer mice. Thus, if you have a Razer mouse, then this mouse pad is ideal for you.

Razer designed this mouse pad to be sensitive to the lasers in their mice, allowing for swift movement and accurate gestures. A unique kind of synergy results when Razer mouse pads are paired with Razer mice.

The Benefits of the Sphex V2 Razer Mouse Pad

The main drawback of the Sphex V2 Razer mouse pad is its comfort level. While this Razer mouse pad certainly enhances mouse performance and is incredibly thin, it doesn’t offer much padding or cushioning. This is critical considering how gamers like to play for long periods of time. In fact, sometimes it can take several hours for a gamer to get into flow, making padding and cushioning all the more important for maximum comfort.

Some gamers like minimal padding while others prefer something more substantial. If you are interested in the latter, then the Sphex V2 Razer mouse pad is not ideal for you. You would be better off with a more expensive mouse pad that offers more support and padding.

Furthermore, the Sphex V2 Razer mouse pad is designed to be extremely portable due to its thinness, yet its colors might attract lots of attention. Some users might not want to stand out this much, especially gamers who like to blend in with their surroundings to enhance their gaming experience. The last thing that some gamers want is to arouse attention that would interfere with their experience.

In this sense, the Sphex V2 Razer mouse pad might be too flashy for some gamers. This means that it might be best for more stationary settings, like homes, though this translates to limited functionality.


  • Features a polycarbonate surface for better durability
  • Futuristic and gusty look
  • Very portable and can fit to any computer bag
  • Swift movement and accurate gestures


  • Doesn’t offer much padding or cushioning
  • Attract lots of attention
  • Limited functionality

Destructor 2 star ratings

The Destructor 2 Razer mouse pad costs around $40 or more and is all black, featuring the Razer logo in the top right corner.

This is a high-quality mouse pad that is designed for gamers but can be utilized by anyone with a computer mouse.

This mouse pad has a non-slip rubber base which allows the pad to stay in place during usage.

Furthermore, this Razer mouse pad has tiny flakes on the surface which make it reactive to the mouse’s sensors, whether they are laser or optical.

The Benefits of the Destructor 2 Razer Mouse Pad

While this Razer mouse pad is thin, it’s still more substantial than the Sphex V2 mouse pad. This makes it a bit more comfortable for extended usage, but also slightly less portable. The main benefit of this Razer mouse pad is the specific flakes featured on the surface. This texture allows the corresponding mouse to glide over the pad, which is perfect for quick gestures during intense games. Since these flakes are so sensitive to movement, this mouse pad is also ideal for gamers who do a lot of precise movements. These flakes act as a kind of stabilizing structure for each mouse gesture, providing necessary resistance.

Many gamers have said the stabilizing nature of this Razer mouse pad makes it more comfortable in the long term since you don’t have to make many adjustments to each gesture. This conserves the energy of your hand, wrist, and arm, which is an important consideration in any long-term usage of a computer.

Many programmers also like to use this Razer mouse pad due to its sensitive surface. Due to its black color, it’s a relatively subtle mouse pad and can camouflage with your surroundings. This makes it great for taking with you on the go if you want to blend in while using your laptop.

The Drawbacks of the Destructor 2 Razer Mouse Pad

The main drawback of the Destructor 2 Razer mouse pad is the price. At just under $40, this mouse pad is relatively expensive when compared with cheaper mouse pads like the Sphex V2 Razer mouse pad.While you are paying for a heavier mouse pad with the Destructor 2, ultimately it might be more worthwhile to save your money and get a mouse pad that is merely functional. You can then invest the saved money in a more dynamic mouse.

Many gamers claim that mouse pads are not even important and actually interfere with the gaming experience. Many gamers think that you are better off with the most minimal mouse pad possible, and that a sensitive, comfortable mouse is actually most important. In this sense, the Destructor 2 Razer mouse pad could be considered both excessive and overpriced.


  • More comfortable for longer usage
  • Features specific flakes on the surface for more precise movements and gestures
  • Can camouflage with your surroundings


  • Expensive
  • Excessive design

Razer Invicta Gaming Mousepad - [Quartz]: Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Base...
  • Featuring an all-new, lab-tested coating with a specially chosen finish on both sides to enhance the surface's reflective quality.
  • The Razer Invicta offers two sides Designed for two completely different play styles with the Razer speed and control surfaces.
  • The slick-smooth speed surface lets your mouse glide freely and quickly.
Invicta Razer star ratings

The Invicta Razer Mouse Pad is a unique dual-sided mouse pad geared towards gamers. It costs around $55 to $60 and is thus the most expensive mouse pad discussed in this article.

It’s available in black, grey, white or pink colors.

One side of this Razer mouse pad is designed for speed and is described as slick and smooth. The other side of this Razer mouse pad is designed for control and is described as rough and textured.

This Razer mouse pad has an aluminum base which makes it durable over long periods of time. This base also minimizes mouse pad movement during usage. In order to switch sides being used, users access a small hole in the base. This makes the mouse pad extremely versatile and easy to use.

The Benefits of the Invicta Razer Mouse Pad

The dual-sided feature of this Razer mouse pad is certainly unique. This feature makes this mouse pad effective for any user, regardless of style of play or intended usage. Since the two sides are easy to change between, this mouse pad is particularly great for younger users who wouldn’t be able to handle a mouse pad with a more complicated mechanism for interchangeability.

The aluminum base is considered aircraft-grade, which means it’s durable and sturdy. This means it can withstand extensive usage, making it perfect for an avid gamer. The ability to choose between 4 colors is also significant, as many mouse pads do not offer this option. This makes buying this Razer mouse pad an easy way to personalize your computer equipment, allowing you to display elements of your personality.

The Drawback of the Invicta Razer Mouse Pad

The main drawback of this mouse pad is the price. For around $60, users certainly get what they pay for. But, many gamers or coders incur significant costs associated with other computer equipment or games. In this sense, they are often on a budget when it comes to a mouse pad.

Yet, it is not affordable, especially when there are mouse pads on the market for under $15. Unless a user wants something extremely durable and versatile, they might be better off saving their money and investing in a cheaper, more minimal mouse pad. This is especially the case for beginner gamers whose hand movements are not sensitive enough to appreciate the nuances of an expensive mouse pad.


  • Unique double-sided feature
  • Features an aluminum base which is considered aircraft-grade
  • Choose between 4 colors


  • Expensive

Our Final Thoughts on Razer Mouse Pads

We think Razer offers a number of high-quality mouse pads at various price points, so their worthiness for purchase is very much dependent on your budget.

If you want the cheapest mouse pad with the greatest durability and functionality, then the Sphex V2 Razer mouse pad is by far the best option.

If you want something more substantial that offers maximum sensitivity, then the Invicta Razer mouse pad would probably be best for you. Even though it’s expensive, this mouse pad might pay off over the years as you won’t have to buy another one for a while. In this sense, if you can afford a $60 mouse pad, then the Invicta Razer mouse pad might be the best choice.

Our Thoughts on the Future of Mouse Pads

We think mouse pads in the future will be indistinguishable from mice. Ultimately, these pieces of equipment will be sold together and designed to supplement each other, creating a synergistic experience.

We think some mice of the future will be so innovative that mouse pads might even become obsolete. We think some mice could leave the surface, using air technology to hover. In this sense, a combination of air and gravity would provide the resistance necessary for moving the mouse. This would be a truly seamless way to record movements and gestures during computer usage.

We think the future of the gaming industry is going to be bizarre. It’s almost unpredictable considering the uncertainty of whether computers will even still be used for gaming in the future.

Virtual Reality Headsets in the Future

As virtual reality headsets become more popular, future mice and mouse pads might control a headset you are wearing rather than a desktop computer or laptop. In this sense, these future mice and mouse pads might be designed completely differently than they are designed now. Future mice might resemble a chip that attaches to your palm, transforming your hand into a mouse and giving the mouse access to bodily information like heart rate and temperature.

This could make each game more personal, immersive, and realistic, providing a fairly accurate simulation of your current reality, creating a fractal of your biology and translating it to an experience within the headset.

This experience could even be used for health diagnoses and remote doctors’ appointments, as our headsets would be laptops that could connect to distant doctors. Doctors could access information about our heart, sweat, blood, skin, and hair via some piece of portable technology that can communicate with our headset.

While this might seem unrealistic now, this development is just on the horizon. Ultimately, as customers, we have a responsibility to demand these features into existence. Without our purchases, virtual reality headsets, advanced mouse pads, and gaming equipment more generally will not be able to advance since our money partially helps fund their research and development.