Wireless Mouse: Our Top Twelve Picks In The Market

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Are you a regular computer user? Whether it’s for school, work, or play, you need the right accessories for your computing needs. One of the must-haves when it comes to computer accessories is the mouse. There are countless options available in the market when choosing a wireless mouse. You have to narrow down your options to find something that works well for you.

In this new era of emerging technologies, wireless capabilities are one of the crucial aspects you might want to consider when choosing a wireless mouse for your computer. However, you still have to select one from the many wireless mouse  available in the market.

Comparison Table

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This following material serves as a guide on the best wireless mouse for 2018. It will make it easier for you to choose a wireless mouse for your computer.

Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse – Use On Any Surface,...
  • With Logitech flow, seamlessly control up to three computers with 1 mouse and copy paste text, images and files between them.1 1.Requires Logitech options software, available for download at Logitech.Com/options (for Mac and Windows only).
  • Darkfield high precision tracking gives you flawless control virtually anywhere – even on glass** with up to 4, 000 DPI. **4 mm minimum thickness.
  • Just plug MX master 2S into your computer using the Micro USB charging cable and get enough power for a full day of usage In three minutes only. A full charge can last up to 70 days.*** *** Battery life may vary based on user and computing conditions.

This mouse is regarded as one of the best options available. It’s a sublime wireless mouse that comes with excellent accuracy, exceptional comfort, and great features. It’s a class leader when it comes to overall performance.

First, the mouse’s compatibility with the Logitech’s Flow Technology allows it to connect seamlessly with multiple devices. It also has dual connectivity, which means you can connect up to three computers via Bluetooth or through a unifying receiver.

The adjustability of the Logitech MX Master 2S is 50 DPI (dots-per-inch) steps, which starts from 200 up to 4,000. With a price tag of around eighty, this mouse comes with a 500mAh rechargeable battery that’s designed to last up to 70 days. That’s way over two months, which means you don’t have to worry about your mouse running out of charge any time soon. But that’s not all. The battery has fast recharging too. You only need a few minutes to recharge it.

What’s more, regardless of the grip style you prefer, holding this mouse will be very comfortable because of its ergonomics. The mouse is also equipped with a gesture button, whose function is to allow you to set up custom actions that you need your digital features to perform. Overall, the performance of this mouse is solid, with excellent ergonomics, portability, and functionality.

Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse M705 with 3-Year Battery Life
  • Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 uses less than half the power of comparable wireless mice
  • The sculpted, right-hand shape guides your hand to a naturally comfortable positiojn
  • The tiny Logitech Unifying receiver stays in your notebook

This is by far one of the best wireless mice you can find in the markets. It’s an inexpensive mouse that costs about only around thirty dollars. This mouse feels comfortable in the hand. Its sensor can track on almost every surface except glass.

Connection to your computer is aided by a small wireless dongle that comes with the mouse when you buy it. The connection itself is fast as well as reliable, so you don’t have to worry about interference unless you or someone accidentally removes the dongle. This mouse also features eight programmable buttons. These buttons, together with an extra button, allow for both freewheel and ratcheted scrolling.

The Logitech Marathon M705 has a great battery life, saving you the hassle of having to change your battery frequently. The battery can last up to three years. Keep in mind that this mouse does not have Bluetooth connectivity.

Logitech M720 Triathlon Bluetooth Wireless Optical Mouse with Unifying...
  • Pair M720 Triathlon with up to 3 computers and seamlessly switch between them at the touch of a button thanks to Easy-Switch technology
  • Fly through documents and web pages using the hyper-fast scroll wheel, or shift to click-to-click scrolling when you need precision
  • A true athlete, M720 is designed to endure, with buttons built to withstand up to 10 million clicks

This is an excellent alternative to the Marathon M705. It costs about forty dollars, and one of the major differences with the M705 is that the M720 comes with Bluetooth connectivity. This mouse can not only pair with but also switch quickly between devices. This feature makes it more versatile than its Marathon counterpart.

The Logitech M720 Triathlon has a battery life of about two years. It comes with six programmable buttons. You can customize these buttons using the scroll wheel similar to M705 or via the right- and left-click buttons, which are swappable.

Overall, this mouse is more versatile than the Marathon, but not as affordable or even as comfortable.

VicTsing Wireless Mouse for Laptop, Portable Ergonomic Mouse- Match...
  • 【ERGONOMIC SYMMETRICAL DESIGN】Contoured shape and sweat-resistant surface provide extra comfort Wider size easier to grasp makes your hands more comfortable!
  • 【3 DPI MEET MOST OF NEEDS】1600/1200/800 DPI levels flexibly adjust the sensitivity of your mouse according to your needs! Suitable for homes offices business meetings travel and more
  • 【EASY TO USE】Simple to set up it can be used by plugging dongle into the USB port No driver required plug and play!

Are you on a budget? This mouse is the ideal option for you. With a price of about ten dollars, the VicTsing PC104A is highly affordable. It comes with a small wireless dongle or USB, which means all you have to do is plug and play, and you are good to go.

Three choices are available when it comes to the DPI: 1600, 1200, and 800. The USB receiver and the mouse itself can communicate up to a distance of 10 metres. Also, you have up to 12 months of battery, so you don’t have to worry.

VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Mouse Portable Mobile Optical Mouse with...
  • 【Comfortable Ergonomic Design】After thousands of samples of palm data, we designed this ergonomic mouse. The mouse has a streamlined arc and thumb rest to help reduce the stress caused by prolonged use of the mouse. The side pits help reduce slippage and maximize your feeling of use!
  • 【Save Battery Life】Up to 15 months battery life, you don't need to worry about changing batteries frequently! This computer optical mouse will be in sleep mode in 8 minutes of inactivity. Press any button to wake it up. Note: powered by 1*AA battery (not included).
  • 【Easy to Use】No need any driver, and you can plug and play the wireless mouse directly. Plug and play! This computer mouse support 33ft wireless connections, you can avoid being bothered by the power cord and use this mouse anytime, anywhere.

This mouse uses technology that focuses on maximizing the battery life. With just a single AA battery, you have up to about 15 months of battery life. The mouse has an auto switch off function, which helps maximize battery life. This feature switches off the mouse when you turn off your computer or disconnect the receiver.

It’s also ideal for the budget-conscious because it costs just about ten dollars. This mouse has the ideal scroll speed with five adjustable CPIs. Its signal range is 50 feet, which is quite a long distance away from which you can operate your computer. The mouse feels comfortable in the hand even for long hours of use thanks to its contoured shape.

The advantages of this mouse are that it moves well and is light, so you won’t feel like it’s bulky in your hands. It’s also affordable and quite easy to set up. However, a few things you may want to know about the downsides of this mouse is that it does not have a silent click, and the back and forward buttons are on the left so it might take a while before you get used to it.

Logitech Wireless M570 Trackball Sculpted Shape to Provide Better...
  • Trackball comfort: Sculpted shape supports your hand and stays in one place-move the cursor without moving your arm
  • Work and play anywhere: Get smooth, precise cursor control wherever you use your trackball-your desk, couch, even your bed
  • Long battery life: Go for up to 18 months without changing the included AA battery* (*Battery life may vary based on user and computing conditions)

If comfort is your primary focus, this is the mouse for you. It has a sculpted shape that helps keep your hand in one place, providing ample support during use. The precision trackball of this mouse has a sensor that does not only allow you smooth and precise control of the cursor with your thumb but also carries all the workload weight. It has an excellent battery life that will last up to 18 months.

The 2.4 wireless connection of the Logitech M570 works on both Mac and Windows operating systems and can extend up to a maximum of 30 feet. The unique trackball design of this mouse enhances its comfort when it’s in use. Priced at about twenty five dollars, this is undoubtedly one of the best wireless mice to consider for your computing needs.

Perhaps one of the drawbacks of this mouse is that the scroll wheel can feel rough and is quite cheap. What’s more, the ball may fall out too easily too, so keep that in mind.

Logitech M510 Wireless Computer Mouse – Comfortable Shape with USB...
  • Note: In case of wireless mouse, the USB receiver will be provided inside or along with the mouse
  • Ergonomic shape: Ergonomically sculpted design and soft rubber grips conform to your right or left hand to be naturally comfortable and the compact size makes it easy to take with you wherever you use your computer at home, at work, or anywhere else
  • Convenient controls: Back/forward buttons and side to side scrolling plus zoom let you do more, faster (requires free Logitech options software).Wireless technology: Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity (Unifying supported)

Portability is vital when buying computer accessories. If you are looking for a wireless mouse that’s highly portable, the Logitech M510 is an excellent place to start. It’s equipped with a powerful USB receiver that can connect up to six devices. It also has a remarkable battery life that can keep its charge for up to two years.

One of the features that make this mouse ideal in terms of portability is its onboard laser that can work on almost every surface, making it easier to use when you don’t have your mouse pad.

When it comes to ergonomics, this mouse is well-designed. It has rubber grips on the sides for proper grasp. However, on the left side of the mouse, are two buttons that can limit its use to right-handed people only.

You can customize all the buttons on this mouse to perform a range of functions, including opening or minimizing windows, jumping to full screen, and switching applications.

Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Wireless Mobile Mouse – Track on Any Surface,...
  • Tracks virtually anywhere: The Darkfield High Precision sensor tracks flawlessly even on glass and high-gloss surfaces (4mm minimum thickness)
  • Compact, sculpted shape: Comfortable, portable control on the go
  • Dual wireless connectivity: Connect to Windows and Mac with tiny Pico Unifying receiver: USB Port,Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.8 or later or Bluetooth Smart wireless technology: Bluetooth Smart Ready device, Windows 8 or later, Mac OS X 10.10 or later

This mouse is priced at around sixty dollars. It is a versatile option that comes with a range of features you will find rather useful. It has a 1600 DPI with Bluetooth connectivity as well as 2.4GHZ wireless technology. You can pair this mouse with up to 3 devices.

Set up is easy whether you decide to use Bluetooth or the wireless technology. The Logitech MX Anywhere Two is also equipped with other features, including a scrolling wheel, a unifying receiver, gesture function, and Logitech’s darkfield laser tracking.

It comes with a non-removable battery that’s long-lasting. The battery also supports quick charging, and within just about 4 minutes, the mouse will have enough charge for the entire day. Compared to the MX Master, Logitech’s flagship, the MX Anywhere 2 is more compact and portable.

Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse with POWERPLAY Wireless Charging...
  • LIGHTSPEED WIRELESS: latency can be the difference between winning it all or losing. LIGHTSPEED wireless technology features a 1 ms report rate for competition level twitch targeting
  • ADVANCED PMW3366 SENSOR: equipped with the PMW3366 optical sensor zero smoothing, filtering, or acceleration across the entire DPI range (200 12,000DPI) at speeds over 400 IPS
  • ADVANCED MECHANICAL BUTTON TENSIONING: delivers an exceptionally clean and crisp button feel, response, and consistency. Battery Life: Default lighting: 24 hours, No lighting: 32 hours

Are you the avid gamer? Then this could be the mouse for you. While many people argue that wired mice are better for gaming because of better reliability and latency, this mouse would make them have a change of opinion. This Logitech flagship is designed with a high-accuracy sensor. It also features wireless charging and allows for customization of both the software and the hardware components.

The Logitech G903 can deliver up to 12,000 DPI. Its highly sensitive and accurate optical sensor is referred to as the Pixart PMW3366. The sensor has numerous features that make it ideal for gaming. They include zero smoothing, acceleration and filtering, and surface tuning support.  

The mouse weighs about 110 g. The wireless charging is aided by the mouse’s Power Core system that doubles as a wireless receiver too. The shelf life is rated at the upwards of about 50 million clicks.

While this mouse has unique features that make it an excellent mouse for gaming, you should be prepared to spend quite a lot of money buying it. That’s because it is priced at about a hundred, which may be quite a lot for some people. Keep that in mind before you buy this mouse.

Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse – 11 Programmable...
  • Upto 250 hours of battery life (Best with Polaroid AA Batteries)
  • Power saving, high accuracy Delta Zero sensor technology. Try tracking on a different surface
  • Lag free gaming grade wireless, performance and endurance modes maximize battery life

If you want a way cheaper alternative to the G903 Lightspeed, this would be an ideal choice to consider. It costs about forty, and one of its key features is its long battery life. You will enjoy about 250 hours of battery life with this mouse. The shelf life is rated at above 20 million clicks.

Logitech uses a sensor technology known as Delta Zero for this mouse. This technology has a high response rate of two milliseconds per click. The mouse is designed with a durable build to withstand a range of gaming experiences, including intense gaming.

What’s more, the mouse has 11 programmable buttons and can support both Mac and Windows operating systems. All these features make the Logitech G602 mouse a highly competitive option if you are looking for a gaming mouse.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 (Wireless, Rechargable) - Silver
  • Magic Mouse 2 is completely rechargeable, so you’ll eliminate the use of traditional batteries.
  • It’s lighter, has fewer moving parts thanks to its built-in battery and continuous bottom shell, and has an optimized foot design — all helping Magic Mouse 2 track easier and move with less resistance across your desk.
  • And the Multi-Touch surface allows you to perform simple gestures such as swiping between web pages and scrolling through documents.

If you are an Apple fanatic who fancies everything the company churns out, this is the mouse you need. It costs about eighty. Since Apple always thinks different, this mouse is dissimilar from all the mice mentioned above on a range of aspects. For instance, Apple skips on the scroll wheels and buttons typical of most computer mice in the markets.

Instead, Apple designs the Magic Mouse 2 with a multi-touch surface. A simple brush of a finger on the surface of the mouse is all you need to scroll through documents or swipe between Web pages. The base of the mouse has a foot design that ensures minimal desk or surface resistance when using the mouse.

It has a built-in battery that will last about a month. The mouse comes with a Lightning-to-USB cable for charging the battery. It takes about nine hours to recharge the battery fully. It connects via Bluetooth and has a 1300 DPI. The multi-touch no-button feature of this mouse is perhaps the reason why it’s quite expensive.

Logitech M330 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse – Enjoy Same Click Feel...
  • ULTRA-QUIET MOUSE - 90% reduced click sound and same click feel eliminates noise and distractions for you and others around you
  • QUIET MARK CERTIFICATION - Logitech is the first mouse company in the world to receive the Quiet Mark certification from the UK Noise Abatement Society that internationally recognizes technology designed to reduce noise
  • ERGONOMIC SHAPE - Designed with contoured grips made of soft rubber for total comfort

The Logitech M330 SilentPlus  reduces the sounds made by most mice up to an exceptional 90%. While you will experience the same click feel as most mice, you won’t hear the click sound itself when operating your mouse. It costs about ten to twenty dollars, depending on where you are buying it.

It has a 1000 DPI with wireless connectivity of 2.4 GHz that works over a 10-meter range. It’s also compact with a battery life of about 24 months. However, this mouse is right-handed. What’s more, it doesn’t support Bluetooth connectivity. Make sure to keep its accompanying USB dongle safe.

Final Word

laptop and wireless mouse on top of a computer table

Ultimately, the best wireless mouse is the one that best matches your specific requirements and budget. You should be able to find something that suits you from the items listed in this review.


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