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Wireless routers make your life better, so you might say the best routers are wireless, hands-down. A wireless connection makes it easier for you to connect to the web, download, and even save you money because they are far more cost-effective than their older wired counterparts. Chances are that you have a broadband connection at home, and you probably have a wireless router, too. It’s a good thing because wireless routers allow for quick data transportation from the internet straight to your device in an instant.

Of course, if you’re looking at this article, you may also be in the market for an upgrade. Naturally, you’re going to want something that has the latest configurations and supports the newest standards with room to grow.

Wireless Router FAQs

If you’re not familiar with a router, it’s a crucial device that does a lot for the network you’ll have in your home. Simply put, a router allows for your local network which consists of your personal laptop or another device to connect to the internet on the outside. You may have also heard them called residential gateways.

Why do you need a router?

What does a wireless router do?

How does a wireless router work?

What types of routers are there?

Where to Buy Them

The Expected Costs

How Products are Reviewed

All of these routers have been reviewed by comparing specifications, tests that were run on them, in addition to actual customer experiences with these various products. It’s important that you get the correct information, so we work to provide you with accurate and up-to-date information. Since technology is always changing at a rapid pace, we know you want to have the most current specs at your fingertips.

Overall Price Range

Prices range from right around $100 and upwards of several hundred dollars. They do offer multiple configurations which is why the price varies so widely. Some of them have multiple USB ports that allow for direct connectivity to a network printer or other type of box like a media server. Others are very basic and just connect to the modem to provide you with a wireless signal throughout your home or office.

Google WiFi system, 3-Pack - Router Replacement for Whole Home...
  • A new type of connected system for seamless WiFi coverage throughout your home, helping eliminate dead zones and buffering
  • Replaces your current router, and works your modem and internet service. It’s compatible with major internet service providers including Comcast, Time Warner, and Verizon Fios
  • A single WiFi point covers up to 1,500 square feet, a set of three covers homes up to 4,500 square feet Wifi points work together so you can add more if you need additional coverage

Super simple to use and very inexpensive by comparison, you can find a set of three different mesh access points for under $ on Amazon. There might not be any bells and whistles on this setup, but you’ll love how much faster your internet gets if you have lots of walls that get in the way of your wireless signal. You’ll also be happy to know that you can monitor your network from your phone or your computer relatively quickly as needed. You can also limit kid device access, and see who is logged on at the click of a button. Google Wifi has decent connectivity speeds, too, although they don’t report specifications. CNET tested the speed and found that it was capable of sustaining a top speed of 470Mbps, and you connect to each device seamlessly as you wander around your home.

NETGEAR Orbi Tri-band Whole Home Mesh WiFi System with 3Gbps Speed...
  • No more dead zones: Whole home mesh WiFi coverage of up to 5,000 sq. ft. and 25+ devices. Mesh technology helps you stay connected as you roam around your home using a single network name. Extend coverage up to 2,500 square feet with additional satellites.(sold separately).
  • Tri-band backhaul: A dedicated band between your Orbi router and satellite frees up the other two bands for maximum speed to your devices.
  • Wired Ethernet port & fast wireless speed: 1 Gigabit Ethernet port and AC3000 WiFi powers up to 3Gbps of streaming HD video, gaming, or Internet surfing and downloads.

Also known as the Netgear Orbi Home Mesh Wifi System, this router offers some amazing features that will remind you of the Nighthawk line, also by Netgear. It’s simple to set up and get working, plus they claim 5,000 feet of coverage with the two that come in the initial package. The package includes the router unit and a satellite unit to expand the reach of your home network. This setup is a bit larger than some of the other mesh network offerings like Google Wifi, but if that doesn’t bother you, then you’ll be supremely happy with the overall performance.

ASUS Gaming Router Tri-band WiFi (Up to 5334 Mbps) for VR & 4K...
  • Tri-band (dual 5 GHz, single 2.4 GHz) AC5300 wireless router with the latest 802.11ac 4x4 MU-MIMO technology for maximum throughput (5334 Mbps) and coverage (up to 5,000 sq. ft.)
  • VPN Fusion enables you to run a VPN and ordinary internet connection simultaneously, effectively maximizing your connection speed to gaming servers (available via firmware update). WAN Connection Type-Internet connection type- Automatic IP, Static IP, PPPoE(MPPE supported), PPTP, L2TP
  • Game IPS Powered by Trend Micro provides multi-stage protection for your gaming network from external attacks and threats, neutralizing them before they reach your network or devices.Power supply:AC Input : 110V~240V(50~60Hz),DC Output : 19 V with max. 3.42 A current

If you’re into gaming, then this is an excellent choice of router. The speed is fantastic, and it supports plenty of ports, too. There are almost too many features to name, but we’ll try. Part of the Republic of Gamers collection, this tri-band router has two bands at 5GHz and one band at 2.4 GHz with a combined throughput of up to 5300Mbps. Yeah, it’s fast. You’ll also find eight antennas, two USB 3.0 ports, two dedicated gaming ethernet ports, and six other ethernet ports you can use to link to improve your data connection. Are you drooling yet? It gets even better. Inside, you’ll find a 1.8GHz quad-core processor, AiMesh support, built-in malware protection, Game IPS, Range Boost capabilities, and so much more. The price is quite a bit heftier than most, but you’ll certainly get what you pay for with the AC5300.

Asus AC1900 Dual Band Gigabit WiFi Router with MU-Mimo, Aimesh for...
  • Dual band with the latest 802; 11 AC 3x3 technology for combined speeds of up to 1900 Mbps
  • 1 GigaHertz dual core CPU enables smart multitasking by dedicating separate lanes for Wi Fi and USB data; Network standard: IEEE 802; 11a, IEEE 802; 11B, IEEE 802; 11G, IEEE 802; 11N, IEEE 802; 11AC, IPv4, IPv6
  • Effortless router setup with the ASUSWRT web based interface; Dual band connectivity for compatibility and performance

This router is an excellent option for just about anyone. The wireless is fast, and it supports a dual-band configuration. You can’t mount it on your wall, though, but you should be happy with the overall performance.

Top 5 Best Routers of 2018




Google WiFi system, 3-Pack - Router Replacement for Whole Home...
Google WiFi system, 3-Pack - Router replacement for whole home coverage (NLS-1304-25)
NETGEAR Orbi Tri-band Whole Home Mesh WiFi System with 3Gbps Speed...
NETGEAR Orbi Ultra-Performance Whole Home Mesh WiFi System - fastest WiFi router and single satellite extender with speeds up to 3 Gbps over 5,000 sq. feet, AC3000 (RBK50) 
ASUS Gaming Router Tri-band WiFi (Up to 5334 Mbps) for VR & 4K...
ASUS Gaming Router Tri-band WiFi (Up to 5334 Mbps) for VR & 4K streaming, 1.8GHz Quad-Core processor, Gaming Port, Whole Home Mesh System, & AiProtection network with 8 x Gigabit LAN ports(GT-AC5300) 
Asus AC1900 Dual Band Gigabit WiFi Router with MU-Mimo, Aimesh for...
ASUS Whole Home Dual-Band AiMesh Router (AC1900) for Mesh Wifi System (Up to 1900 Mbps) - AiProtection Network Security by Trend Micro, Adaptive QoS & Parental Control (RT-AC68U)